Paramount Sports Services can assist individuals or groups in the 
aquisition of a Minor Professional or Junior A Hockey team.  PSS has met with many municipalities across the country that are in the late planning stages of building arenas for sports franchises and can assist individuals/groups with franchise placement in these new venues.  PSS also has frequent dialog with existing owners of sports teams, as well as owners selecting PSS in the aquisition of existing franchises.  (Brand new franchise ownership opportunities are currently available, call for details).

Paramount Sports Services can also aid municipalities looking to secure a sports tenant for their venue, knowing that their occupant is maximizing all revenues, which is beneficial with regards to the longevity of the venue as well as revenue generation for the municipality.   

With years of successful practice in the industry and experience with past franchise transactions, PSS helps to insure a smooth conversion into or out of a sports franchise ownership.

Office: 402-682-1344

Franchise Acquisition
Franchise Aquisition and Sales